06 Oct 2021

Explanatory, clarifying and very complete was the webinar that JDF organized to detail the scope of the FinTech law. The presentation was given by the director of the Capital Markets area, Christian Schiessler, and associate Felipe Hasenohr. During the meeting, the objectives and principles of the bill were explained, as well as the regulatory framework […]

Webinar “News on data protection in Chile”.

15 Sep 2021

Jorge Tisné, senior associate at JDF, and who is part of the Information Technology, Media and Data Protection area of the firm, conducted a webinar where he presented the latest news on data protection in Chile. On the occasion, he addressed the current regulatory framework, the classification of types of data and the problems and […]

Water Code: scope and changes

22 Jun 2021

A new internal webinar was held by JDF Abogados. This time our associate Martín Esser explained the scope and changes that have been introduced to date to the Water Code Reform Bill (Bulletin No. 7.543-12). Among the main reforms to the legal water regime, Martin Esser, detailed the following: – Redefinition of the concept of […]

New Migration and Aliens Law

01 Jun 2021

  In order to learn about the scope of the New Immigration and Foreigners Law, JDF Abogados held an internal talk in which the comparative details of the current regulations and the modifications contemplated by the new legislation were presented. The presentation was given by Phillipe Brunel, an associate in the labour area of the […]

Interlocking: everything you need to know

30 Mar 2021

There was great interest in the webinar “Interlocking compliance parameters for companies”, given by our associate Manuel Bernet. On the occasion, the figure and origins of Interlocking were discussed and the appropriate modalities of compliance were explained in order to avoid possible sanctions to that effect. We share the presentation made and if you require […]

JDF conducts successful e-commerce webinar

16 Dic 2020

A successful webinar on e-commerce was held by Jara Del Favero Abogados. Jorge Tisné, a lawyer from the Information Technology, Media and Data Protection area, explained, among other things, the principles and applicable regulations that guide electronic contracting in our country, the preventive role of the supplier and the importance of Sernac. Along with the […]

Manuel Bernet publishes new edition of the Commercial Code

20 Oct 2020

Manuel Bernet, lawyer of Jara Del Favero and professor of Commercial Law at the Universidad de los Andes, published a new edition of the Commercial Code by the prestigious publishing house Tirant lo blanch. This edition has a new feature: each article of the Commercial Code has a heading, which makes it easier to understand, […]

JDF Webinar:
What to do in case of debtor’s insolvency? A practical look

15 Sep 2020

“What to do in the event of the debtor’s insolvency? A practical look”. With this invitation, Jara Del Favero’s lawyers, Manuel Bernet and Pablo Alarcón, held an interesting and very useful webinar in which they addressed some of the central aspects of this question. With an important participation of guests, the lawyers referred to the […]