Tax associate undergoes further training in Chicago

06 Sep 2022

Our associate of the Tax area, AndrĂ©s de Iruarrizaga, traveled to Chicago to pursue an LLM at Northwestern University in that city. “Doing a master’s degree has to do with the intention of always studying and improving myself as a lawyer. I was very interested in studying abroad, in another language, improving my English, getting to know the U.S. legal system and the common law, in an increasingly globalized world and with Chilean clients who permanently maintain commercial relations with the U.S.,” he explained.

The course lasts one year and his idea is to work for another year in a law firm in Chicago or New York. “Everything I have learned in my more than 3 years at JDF is the basis to make the most of this experience. The fact of permanently advising foreign clients and lawyers has allowed me to know in advance the ways of working and legal systems of other countries, expanding my knowledge and being a kind of prelude to what is to come in this year of study,” said Andres.

To choose the university, Andres took into account several factors, among them the prestige of Northwestern, since it is within the top 10 in the United States, “and living in a city as amazing as Chicago, learning about its culture, way of life and work, even sharing with classmates from all over the world, with whom in the future I could establish working relationships,” stated Andres.

Best of luck Andres!