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Amendments to Hazardous Substances Storage Regulations are published in the Official Gazette.

25 Ago 2022


On August 17, 2022, Decree No. 60, of the Undersecretariat of Public Health, was published in the Official Gazette, which in turn amends Supreme Decree No. 43 of 2015, of the Ministry of Health, which approves the Regulation of Storage of Hazardous Substances (or “Storage Regulation”.

In consideration of the entry into force of the regulation of chemical substances established in Supreme Decree N°57, of 2019, of the Ministry of Health, which approves the Regulation of Classification, Labeling and Notification of Hazardous Chemical Substances and Mixtures (or the “Classification, Labeling and Notification Regulation”), the need to amend the Storage Regulation was born, due to the existence of a duality in the requirements of the safety data sheets of hazardous substances and mixtures.

As a consequence of this duality, the present Decree was issued, which amends Supreme Decree N°43 of 2015, in its Articles 14, 15 and 190, to make it congruent with the Classification, Labeling and Notification Regulation regarding the format and content that the safety data sheets must have, all these aspects having to be in accordance with what is indicated in NCh 2245:2015.


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