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The Health Insurance and Social Security Funds Intendancy has issued instructions to health care providers and ISAPRES on the minimum verification requirements for the delivery of drugs, supplies and technical aids guaranteed.

10 Ene 2023


By means of Bulletin No. IF 419, dated December 29, 2022, published in the Official Gazette on January 6, 2023 (hereinafter, the “Circular”), the Intendencia de Fondos y Seguros Previsionales de Salud modified Circular IF/N°77, dated July 25, 2008, which “Contains the compendium of administrative rules on benefits”.

The objective is for the parties obliged to maintain a useful clinical or administrative means to verify the delivery, non-delivery or partial delivery of medicines, GES technical aids or guaranteed supplies (hereinafter, “products”), among others.
The Circular states:

A. That the ISAPRES must include a description of the procedures associated with the guarantees that they must carry out for the granting of the Explicit Health Guarantees.

B. The ISAPRES, in the pharmacies under agreement and their providers, as well as the institutional providers that have product delivery units, must develop a procedure detailing the care model, actions and mechanisms to certify the delivery, non-delivery or partial delivery of the products to the beneficiaries.

C. Minimum contents to be included in the procedure mentioned in the previous paragraph.
The validity of the Circular began on January 6, 2023.


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