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The Directorate of Labor establishes new guidelines on the Electronic Labor Registry.

19 May 2022


On April 27, 2022, by means of Service Order No. 3, the Labor Directorate established new guidelines on the Electronic Labor Registry (hereinafter the “Registry”), establishing definitions, regulating its operation and assigning responsibilities for it.

Specifically, the Service Order states that the management, development and maintenance of the Registry is the responsibility of the entire Institution (Labor Directorate), for which purpose an interdepartmental work team is permanently established to design, create, maintain and propose improvements to the Registry. In addition, the Service Order describes the structure and components of the Registry, together with the details of the information that must be entered by the employers.

It also contemplates the possibility for employers to request a certificate of technical unavailability of the system. Once this option is exercised by the employer, the Labor Directorate must issue a certificate of technical unavailability of the website, which will be delivered through the institutional Office of Information, Complaints and Suggestions (OIRS). The OIRS is accessed from the institutional website and a text extending the deadline for uploading the record until the technical difficulty has ceased.

Finally, we inform you that on April 28, 2022, the Presidency of the Republic issued Supreme Decree No. 39, providing for the postponement of the entry into force of the Electronic Labor Registry until June 2023. This is with the exception of the registration of labor contracts.


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