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On October 1, 2021, the obligation of the employer to register employment contracts in the electronic site of the Labor Bureau begins to apply, among others.

29 Sep 2021


On October 1, 2021, Law No. 21,327 comes into force, which, among other things, establishes new obligations for employers. In general terms, this law provides that the following obligations must be complied with by employers as of that date:

1. Every employer must register the new employment contracts in the electronic site of the Labor Directorate, within 15 days following their execution.

2. Regarding the workers hired prior to the entry into force of this law, a term of 1 year from April 30, 2021 is established to make such registration.

3. Additionally, all companies must register the termination of contracts in the registry created for such purpose by the Labor Directorate.

4. The law stipulates that employment contracts must include the address and e-mail address of both parties.

5. It establishes the possibility for the worker to request that the payment of remunerations be made by electronic transfer to his bank account, at no cost to him.

6. The company must register in the electronic portal of the Labor Bureau, an e-mail address where notifications, summons and legal communications must be made. These shall produce full legal effect and shall be deemed to have been made on the third working day following the date of the e-mail.


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