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Ministry of the Environment – Law No. 21.368 regulates the disposal of single-use plastics and plastic bottles

19 Ago 2021


On August 13, 2021, Law No. 21.368 was published, which regulates the delivery of single-use plastics and plastic bottles (“Law No. 21.368”) and modifies certain legal bodies (mainly Law No. 19.300 on General Bases of the Environment and Law No. 20.417, which creates the Superintendency of the Environment and establishes its organic law).

Obligations established:

Prohibitions and/or limitations on the delivery of single-use products inside and outside food vending establishments.
Plastic certification system (not limited to those regulated by the Law).
All disposable plastic bottles marketed by any natural or legal person must be composed of a percentage of plastic that has been collected and recycled within the country.
Returnability obligation for beverage sellers.


In charge of the municipalities and the fines will be between 1 and 5 UTM for each single-use product delivered in contravention of the provisions of this law; and from 1 to 20 UTM in contravention of those sections related to environmental education and information. The sanctions will be applied by the competent Local Police Court, in accordance with the ordinary procedure contemplated in Law No. 18.287.

Regulatory power:

The Ministry of the Environment shall issue the regulation referred to in this Law in February 2022.


From August 13, 2021. Bear in mind the deferred validity for certain provisions established in the first transitory article.


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