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Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation approves “National Policy on Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

03 Nov 2020


On October 27, 20202, Decree No. 4 of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (hereinafter the “Policy”) was published in the Official Gazette.

The Policy assumes Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation as key transforming agents to achieve a sustainable and integral development, which contributes to trace its own path to improve the quality of life of people and develop the territories.

The policy is defined on the basis of the following guiding principles (i) Excellence and adaptability; (ii) Partnership; (iii) Openness and transparency to promote an accessible and global information ecosystem; (vi) Diversity; (vii) Ethical commitment.

The Policy defines four main lines of action aimed at establishing links with society, action for the future, strengthening the ecosystem of science, technology, knowledge and innovation, and finally, institutional capacities.

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