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Ministry of Public Health approves the Technical Bases of the Quality Evaluation Program in Radiotherapy (PECRT)

20 Sep 2021


By means of Exempt Resolution No. 1723, dated September 3, 2021, the Institute of Public Health (ISP) approved the Technical Bases of the Radiotherapy Quality Evaluation Program (PECRT), of the National Agency Department of Medical Devices, Innovation and Development.
The aim is to contribute to the radiological protection of the patient, evaluating the provision of radiotherapy in terms of its quality and the quality of the equipment and sources used.
In order to do so, the PECRT Bases are in charge of:

1. Establishing the guidelines for the control and verification of equipment and medical devices associated with radiotherapy.
2. Verify the quality of the operation of the equipment in the radiotherapy establishments.
3. Verify the technical infrastructure in radiotherapy establishments.
4. Contribute to the strengthening of the quality assurance programs (QAP) implemented by the radiotherapy establishments.
5. To carry out interventions to control the operation of radiotherapy establishments.

Likewise, the evaluations to be carried out in each radiotherapy establishment alternate according to the calendar established for each Group of establishment (A or B) and are divided into face-to-face or remote modality.

Finally, it approves the following annexes that must accompany the evaluation to be carried out, called: (a) Database of radiotherapy establishments; (b) Radiotherapy treatment modalities; (c) Schedule for sending PGC documents to the ISP; (d) Dosimetric data for teletherapy-photon equipment; (e) Dosimetric data for teletherapy-electron equipment; (f) Immobilization and positioning devices; and (f) Brachytherapy applicators.


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