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Ministry of Health publishes Regulations of the National Cancer Law.

12 May 2021


On April 6, 2021, Exempt Resolution No. 42/2020 was published in the Official Gazette, which approves the Regulation of the National Cancer Law that pays posthumous tribute to Dr. Claudio Mora.

The application of the Regulation is intended for actions, policies and programs, referring to all types of cancer, both in the adult and child population, from prevention to palliative care, including those incorporated as health problems in the Explicit Health Guarantees Regime (GES) and in the Financial Protection System for High Cost Diagnoses and Treatments, as well as in any other means that implies coverage for the public health sector.

In order to comply with this, it is established that the Regulation will be governed by the principles of cooperation, protection of personal data, participation in civil society and humanization of treatment, regulated in the National Cancer Law.

Based on these principles, the Regulation regulates and creates different programs and institutions, such as the National Cancer Plan, Cancer Research, the National Oncology Network, the National Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Commission.

Finally, this regulation establishes that people have the right to diagnostic confirmation and treatment, in accordance with their social security system, when there is a well-founded suspicion of suffering from any type of cancer, and the right to genetic counseling, which must be provided by the medical team in case personal, environmental or family risk factors for suffering from this disease are detected.


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