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Ministry of Environment – Supreme Decree N°12, establishes collection and recovery targets and other obligations associated with packaging.

22 Mar 2021


On 16 March 2021, Supreme Decree N°12 (“D.S. N°12/2021”), dated 8 June 2020, was published, which establishes the targets for the priority product containers and packaging and, therefore, must also comply with the provisions of Law N°20.920 which establishes the framework for waste management, extended producer responsibility and the promotion of recycling (“REP Law”).

This decree comes into force as of today, with the exception of titles III (collection and recovery targets) and IV (obligation of design, coverage and operation of waste reception and storage facilities; selective collection systems for household recycling), which will come into force as of 16 September 2023.

The SMA will monitor compliance with the targets and other obligations established in the supreme decrees of the priority products, as well as the functioning of the management systems.  It should be remembered that these supreme decrees can be appealed before the Environmental Courts. The deadline for lodging an appeal is 30 days from today.


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