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Law amending the Labor Code is published, creating a work permit so that all workers can be vaccinated.

04 Jun 2021


On June 3, 2021, Law No. 21,347 is published in the Official Gazette, which amends the Labor Code, creating a work permit so that all workers may be vaccinated, in the cases indicated. In particular, this law establishes the following:

The law establishes that in cases of public immunization programs or campaigns through vaccines or other means, for the control and prevention of transmittable diseases, every worker who is within the target population of such campaigns shall be entitled to half a day of work leave for vaccination.

According to the law, the rules of the second and following paragraphs of article 66 bis of the Labor Code will be applicable to this right, but the worker must give notice to the employer at least 2 days in advance.


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