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Labor Department issues ruling on the right of workers to vote in the referendum of October 25, 2020

23 Oct 2020


On 19 October 2020, Resolution No. 2760/025 was issued by the Directorate of Labor, concerning the referendum of 25th October, in which it pronounces on the permits that must be granted to workers to participate in the referendum voting In general terms, this opinion includes the following:

Sunday, October 25, 2020 is a mandatory holiday for workers who provide services in shopping centers or commercial complexes managed by the same company name or legal personality; consequently, such employees are free to provide services during that day.

On the other hand, workers who are not included in the previous situation and who are legally exempted from Sunday rest and holidays, and therefore have to provide services on Sunday October 25, are entitled to be absent from their work for a period of 2 hours to attend to cast their vote, without this implying a reduction in their wages. Likewise, they have the right to be granted the necessary permits to carry out the functions of member of the polling station, member of the Vote Counting Association or delegate of the Board of Elections.


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