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Decree of the Ministry of Health modifies Technical Norm Nº208, on storage and transport of refrigerated and frozen medicines

29 Sep 2020


On September 21, 2020, Exempt Decree No. 49/2019 of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Gazette, amending Exempt Decree No. 48/2019, of the same portfolio, which approves Technical Standard No. 208 on the storage and transportation of refrigerated and frozen medicines. This modification is intended to redefine the scope of the Norm, since its formulation was based on recommendations of the WHO for “High Production and Distribution” establishments, but not for the Assistance Network; and, in addition, to exclude from its scope pharmacies, medicine cabinets and pharmaceutical warehouses, since its provisions are new, given its position in the logistic chain.

In this way, the reference to pharmacies, first-aid kits and master prescriptions is eliminated from the third paragraph of article 1, and a fourth paragraph is added that expressly declares that the Technical Standard will not be applicable to the mentioned establishments.


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