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Complement to the changes announced by the Government to the Step by Step Plan, and the publication of a list of essential household goods.

09 Abr 2021


On 7 April 2021, the Government published, as a complement to the changes announced to the Step-by-Step Plan, a list of essential household goods, which may be sold in quarantine, thus complementing the definition of “essential household goods” established in paragraph 12 of Title I of the Instructions for Movement Permits.

A list of goods is established for each of the categories included in the respective definition, indicating that these goods would be by way of example and without being exhaustive. Specifically, it states that they are:

1. Goods relating to the survival of the person:

food and drink

sanitary products;

products necessary for personal hygiene;

cleaning items;

items necessary for maternity and early childhood;

articles for pets; and

articles for the maintenance of gardens, plants and green areas.

2. Goods relating to telework or distance learning:

electronic goods; and

office supplies.

3. Goods relating to the operation, maintenance and security of the building:

kitchen items

bedroom articles

bathroom articles

laundry items;

household appliances and white goods;


furniture; and


4. Other essential goods: batteries and vehicle batteries, matches and lighters, tobacco, fuels, tyres, battery jumper cables, oils and lubricants, vehicle maintenance materials, among others.

This list is effective as of 7 April 2021, as of 05:00 hours.


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