Javier Naranjo


Javier Naranjo, former Minister of the Environment, has been appointed as JDF’s area director

18 Abr 2022

The main task that the former Minister of Environment, Javier Naranjo Solano, will promote as the new director of this area will be to promote and strengthen JDF’s Environment and Natural Resources area.

A lawyer from the Andrés Bello University, Javier holds a master’s degree in Regulatory Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He was Minister and Undersecretary of the Environment during the second government of Sebastián Piñera, and head of the Legal Division of the Environmental Evaluation Service, where he also served as head of the Department of Litigation and Administrative Resources.

His extensive experience and knowledge in administrative and environmental law, will be a strategic contribution to solve the upcoming challenges in the area.

“The need to incorporate environmental and climate variables in investment decisions, design and/or execution of projects, is key to ensure the successful performance of an idea, therefore JDF’s advice is legal, of excellence, and also strategic,” explained Naranjo.

In this sense, the strong view of country development that Chile has incorporated in terms of sustainability and sustainibility in various areas, in addition to the new regulations that permeate society as a whole, make it necessary to provide comprehensive advice that addresses legal matters from a tactical viewpoint. “The greater demand for citizen participation, the involvement of citizens in oversight processes, as well as the framework law on Climate Change, the modification of the green tax and the creation of the carbon market, among others, requires that a legal strategy be in line with the new social, environmental and economic standards, so as to provide the appropriate tools in sustainable decisions that allow sustainable development, with a legal team prepared and specialized in these matters,” stated Javier Naranjo.