Andrea Abascal - Rocío Vergara

Partner - Associate

Webinar: “Crime Prevention Models and the bill that extends the criminal liability of legal entities”.

24 Ago 2021

Great interest was generated by the webinar “Crime Prevention Models and draft law that expands the criminal liability of legal persons”, conducted by JDF Abogados.

The presentation was given by partner Andrea Abascal and associate Rocío Vergara, who addressed the most relevant issues of Law No. 20.393, which establishes the criminal liability of legal entities.

The meeting, to which clients, prosecutors and company directors were invited, focused on the Bill, which is currently being processed in the Senate, which aims to extend the criminal liability of legal entities (Bulletins No. 13. 204-07 and N°13205-07), and explained the main changes proposed, such as the systematization in the same legal text of the “Economic Crimes”, the increasing of the criminal figures that may cause this liability, the incorporation of the penalty of supervision, the expansion of the aggravating circumstances, the rule of the execution of penalties, among other relevant changes.

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