Marcelo Mardones Osorio, lawyer from the Jara del Favero law firm
Has launched a Book on Economic Law and Market Regulation

30 Mar 2020

This is the first volume that addresses, among other topics, consumer law and free competition.

The first volume of the book “Lessons in Economic Law, economic regulation of the markets” is now available, written by Doctor in Law Marcelo Mardones Osorio, from the firm Jara Del Favero.

The 438-page brief addresses general aspects of regulatory theory, economic public order, consumer law and free competition law.

“The text approaches economic law from a novel perspective, such as the economic regulation of markets. Likewise, it deals with the general theory of regulation, its foundations and the main techniques used,”declares Marcelo Mardones. The first volume also contains an analysis of economic regulation in our Political Constitution, the general regime of consumer regulation and everything related to competition law.

“It is a current book,” explains Mardones, “which tries to collect the latest doctrinal and jurisprudential visions on economic regulation and which can serve as an orientation not only for students and practitioners of Law, but also for the discussions that eventually occur in the framework of the work for a new Constitution in our country ”.

Soon, the lawyer Mardones, who leads the Energy and Natural Resources area at Jara del Favero Abogados, will publish volume 2 of the book, in which he will address financial, particularly banking and securities markets regulation.

The first volume of the book “Lessons in Economic Law, economic regulation of the markets” by Editorial Tirant is available at the following link