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About Us

Jara Del Favero & Ried Fabres offers integral service to its clients in a world where the standard for legal services is increasingly higher due to the complex and growing requirements of business today.


The members of our firm share the same values and vision of the profession. We work with the required dedication and specialization to produce work of excellence and provide the personalized services that characterize us.


Jara Del Favero & Ried Fabres was founded in 2018 by the merger of two well-known law firms. Jara Del Favero was founded in 1939 by Manuel Jara Cristi, Ramón Jara Mujica and Humberto Del Favero Comis, and it has amassed experience and prestige in a wide variety of practices. Ried Fabres was established in 2014 by José Miguel Ried and Cristián Fabres, who united to form a law firm highly specialized in finance and investment banking.